Hey! It's almost on time!! Yippeee!!!!
Lots of information this weekend, so please read carefully!
So, Tomorrow, Saturday, September 3rd is the cactus and succulent sale at USF Botanical Gardens. For all of you into prickly things, you should check it out!
Joe Kosmal is currently updating all of our club contact records, so when you get an email from him with your street address and phone, please verify that they are correct and email back to him.
I am still working on the newsletter, but it should be available to all of you by tomorrow night at the latest.
Check out the web site for recent changes - our video now has its own button and page so you can see how it is progressing. http://www.rakesandbladesfl.com/videopage.html Margarita is still working on editing the 2nd half, so keep an eye out for the finished product shortly!
Scott Baker and Don Chapman suggested one of the buttons should be used to link us to resources, so I have been working on it. check it out and let me know if it would be useful to you. http://www.rakesandbladesfl.com/linkspage.html
Our Bulletin board is active, though I don't know if anyone is checking it out. If they were, I think I would have heard from some of you who have brugmansias! http://www.rakesandbladesfl.com/login/bulletinboard.html If you have anything that you want to post for sale/give away/swap, please email me!
Don Chapman made a very good suggestion to us regarding the pot luck. Several of our members have food allergies, or are vegetarian/vegan/venusian. When you bring in a casserole, no one can tell what's in it unless someone tries it first. Please bring a label tent with the name of your dish and what's in it, and your name would be nice, too. Which reminds me - a few months ago someone brought bacon wrapped dates - can I have the recipe???? They were yummy!!
Our next meeting is on Sunday, Sept 18th at 5pm.

The newsletter is up and running - www.rakesandbladesfl.com - so be sure to check out the photos and hear about what a great time we had.
Rich tells me that the speaker for the next meeting will be an herb and organics lady named Willow LaMonte. She may speak on growing herb gardens, or it could be a discussion of the sex lives of plants. We have two weeks to get worked up over that!
Again, if you get an email from bkandjk@aol.com, it is our member director Joe trying to verify your contact information. Please check the information he has for you and reply to the email with any corrections, or just tell him all is correct. He has been trying to contact everyone individually, which I know is a lot of work. Please help him get this done! This is not a phishing email or for any sinister dealing!