Rick's Place

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Fifteen short years ago, Rick Nale began his labor of love - taking a blank palette and creating a jungle oasis.  Rick started by creating pathways and rooms - inviting nooks to stop, rest, look and enjoy the plethora of sights and textures.

a jungle path

All areas of the garden were worked on simultaneously, filling in here and there, and then going back to rearrange and fill in some more.  As a palm specialist, Rick naturally allowed the palms to take precedence within his plan, but always allowing lots of fun stuff in between them.

archontophoenix alexandre - illawara Species

Orchid in full bloom in a jacaranda tree

Frangipani in bloom

As all things tend to do, Rick's garden grew and changed. After 4 years of growth,  Rick discovered some plants were in the wrong spot, yet after moving them found that either they were better of where they were, or else they died in the new locations.  

butterfly ginger in bloom

Twisted palm with lobster claw heliconia behind

Night blooming cactus
cut from his mother's plant back in PA.

Another effect of a maturing garden - growth!  That palm that looked just perfect through the window, is now a fat trunk 10 years later!  Well, that does allow for understory and accent plants.  

Fifteen year later, and Rick's garden is still evolving, still growing,  and Rick is still planting.   According to Rick, there's always room for more palms!  Just watch him grow!


Verschefeltia Splendida Palm from the Seychelles -
Rick's pride and joy - in his front pond.