Phil's Tropical

If variety is the spice of life, then Phil is living the spiciest life there is!  His is an artfully arranged garden of plants and shrubs along a tree-shaded boardwalk. It is hard to believe you are only blocks from the bay!

As you approach Phil's house you start to notice the treetops.  His is a wonderfully tree shaded lot with some of the tallest trees in the area, including Royal Palms! I heard he has more varieties of palms and cycads than the palm arboretum! 

It's hard to pinpoint Phil's interest at a glance.  You quickly see  bromiliads, but in much larger clumps than you are used to seeing!  Massive banks of flowering bromeliads!  

Then you spot the crotons - hundreds of them!  There are so many different colors going on with crotons.  Phil is very knowledgeable about crotons - the 9 leaf types - and is eager to help anyone who wants to learn about them. 

Did I mention Bamboo?  Phil has so many different varieties of bamboo, all growing tall, between the palms and electrical wires. For good measure he has added gingers and heliconia to the mix for a truly tropical jungle.