Larry's New Garden

This is the appearance of the front yard before Larry bought the house. Not too much was actually flourishing in the front yard because of all the shade.

Here are photos of Larry's front yard, along with a brief description of each. As you can see from the first photo, his home was dominated by a couple of trees.  Since purchasing the house, Larry has removed the trees and started planting a border and decorative trees to create an outdoor room.

After these plantings grow higher, Larry intends to under plant with a number of broadleaf and tropical plants, as well as flowering shrubs & flowers.    Larry's outdoor room is in front of the two front windows (sorry, no photos of that yet).

   Eventually, Larry hopes to have a paver surface in the outdoor room and some kind of seating in that area.  It will eventually be enclosed totally on three sides with plants. 
To date, Larry has placed approximately 120 new plants into the front garden area.

After the two tree's (a diseased & malformed oak and some kind of fruit-bearing tree) were removed, a whole new world of possibilities for the front garden was available.

The first new plant to go in was a 'Travelers Palm.'  There are two Sago Palms along the driveway...they appeared near death...I've since given them fertilizer, lots of water, and they've produced a lot of new growth from the base of each.

The next group of new plants in the parking strip and main yard was a variety of palms.

The front yard with the new palms & several other species.

The parking strip, along with the two palms and rubber tree, has gradually become a butterfly garden.

Boarder plantings in the front of the yard.

Young plants along the parking strip in the front of the house.