Jesse and Donn's

a Florida Friendly landscape
I recently had the pleasure of visiting Jesse and Donn's lovely garden in Sarasota.  I can honestly say it was unlike any garden I have been in.  They are innovative and imaginative in their placement of as well as in their selection of plants, shrubs and trees.

right down to the bouganvillea!
Clearly evident from the moment you enter the house and pass through to the lanai is the obvious love of orchids.  They have so many orchids, in a wonderful array of colors straddling a great waterfall that certainly made me envious!


Outside the house you are likely to find all kind of plants that you don't normally come across in a local garden - mock cotton, wild coffee, ylang ylang, mallows in the deepest shades, and the ugliest, most exotically beautiful flower!
  I wish I knew more about gardening, because I have only touched on the surface of what Jesse and Donn have done.  You need to make the trip to Sarasota to see more of the beauty of nature that exists in this yard!