Bob and Joe's

Their home is a welcoming spot on the turn of the road with its well manicured lawn and sculptured shrubs, and something always in bloom!  The front of the house does not tell you that there is a gardener's oasis behind, starting right in the screen room!
to the home of
Bob and Joe
in Odessa. 

Here is a lovely little waterfall, the perfect place to find large active koi frolicking below!  Joe and Bob hand placed every stone in their pond and waterfall, and it is the focal point of the patio.

A stately totem watches guard over the patio.

The property abuts a nature preserve:   journey down these flagstone pathways that surround the back of the house and you will soon become a part of nature, too. Enjoy the statuary, whilst you take in the soft frangrance of the many blooming plants and trees.