A Ferri Nice Garden
Jim had only been in his home a few months when he discovered Rakes and Blades and joined us.  His home came with a few over grown plants, four fruit trees and a lot of crab grass.  He didn’t want a lot of grass so he planted ornamental perennial peanut grass in the front of his home because someone in Rakes and Blades told him about it at his first meeting - it sounded too good to be true, to have lawn of little yellow flowers like buttercups that you don't need to water or fertilizer. 

Jim at first would ask if the plant would grow to be tall or short – and if it needed sun or shade.  Jim has replaced a lot of the grass with plants to attract butterflies.  Jim back yard is on a hill leading down to the channel in Sarasota.  You can sit under an orange tree or in the hot tub under the arbor and enjoy looking at the butterflies and birds enjoying his garden.  His elephant ears plants have leaves about 3’ by 4.5’ you be surprise the kind of pictures you can take behind the elephant ears.

As you can see from the photos, Jim has taken a lot of advice from the club, and really taken advantage of the monthly raffle to produce a truly beautiful garden spot in Sarasota.