Passiflora Edulis – the purple passion fruit vine


Purple passion fruit Passiflora edulis - For best results, use a soilless medium with a very light covering over the seeds. Vermiculite is ideal. After watering, cover with a plastic bag or dome to keep the moisture constant, and put them in a very warm location (above 85 degrees F). Keep them out of the hot sun, so the emerging seedlings don't cook. You should see germination begin in 7-10 days. Once the plants begin to vine, they grow very quickly, and will cover 30 feet of fence in less than a year. They flower in spring and early summer, and again in the fall, with fruit ripening 6-8 weeks later. Wait until fruit drops from the vine, turns purplish-red, and begins to wrinkle before you eat it or use it for juice.

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