First the chicken salad:  I stewed the Chicken with minimal seasoning/salt using some Adobo seasoning, cooled enough to touch, then boned it, (or should I say de-boned it? . . . I gotta watch my wording with this group!).  Proceed to cut or shred the larger pieces before sprinkling in Madras Curry powder, (seasoned to taste.)  Chopped Celery, cooked Basmati Rice, Raisins, Adobo Seasoning to taste (we go easy on the salt in our kitchen), and the secret ingredient: (Diamond brand) Glazed Walnuts we bought at Sams Club.  Mixed together, it seemed a little dry, so I added a mixture of Olive Oil and Sesame Oil, (since sesame oil tends to be too strong by itself), and that was it.  Next time I will add plain Greek Yogurt (or sour cream), instead of the oil.  Throw in the fridge to cool,... (or freezer).
Assembly:  In my rush to get the ingredients at an Asian market yesterday, I grabbed tapioca starch based Spring Roll Wrappers instead of Rice Based.  Sometimes the local Publix stores have the rice based wrappers near the sushi counter, (IF they make their sushi in-house).  Assembly was the same, but the rice-based wrapped rolls seemed to be less apt to stick to each other on the serving dish.  I used a fry/saute pan for the hot water dip in case I needed to re-heat the water during the assembly process. (Water warm/hot but okay to put your fingers into).

Lay out your assembly line.  If you are running short on time and have to drive across two counties for a potluck, I discovered that you can put 2 wrapper disks into the pan of water (one second after the other) and they will not stick to each other.  Pull them out just when the stiff parchment-like wrapper becomes soft and easily foldable.  Lay onto a dinner plate(s) and place into the center a heaping tablespoon of curried chicken salad and some salad greens and/or broccoli florets.   (While daydreaming on the bike, I originally thought to place the chicken salad on top of a piece of Leaf Lettuce or Boston lettuce), and then wrap it all with the soft Spring Roll Wrapper. 
For those of you who have not done egg rolls or spring rolls before:  Take the edge of the wrapper closest to you and fold it over the salad.  Take the left and right sides of the wrapper and fold inward to enclose the ends.  Then roll the whole thing forward trying to roll as tightly & compactly as you can without breaking the delicate wrapper.

I lightly brushed the outside of the rolls with the sesame oil/olive oil mixture to help keep them from sticking to each other since I was stacking them.  I have to confess, my original bike-riding daydream did include a Tamarindo Dipping Sauce, but I didn't have time to figure that one out on the fly, so I'm glad everyone enjoyed them as they were.  Another variation would easily include some freshly chopped cilantro inside, but do NOT do that if you are inviting Bill to dinner.  :-)     ¡Buen Provecho