Cajanus Cajan, also known as gandule bean or the pigeon pea.


Pigeon peas Cajanus Cajan – This is very easy to sprout since it is at home in a wide range of soils and water conditions.  Plant seeds three-fourth to one inch deep in late spring after soil temperatures have risen above 70 degrees. Place seeds 3-4 inches apart on raised beds which are 40 inches apart. These plants grow from 3 - 10 feet tall. The flowers are bright yellow and sometimes striped with red.  The plant is a vigorous, drought-tolerant legume which provides large pods that are easily harvested. It is a heavy bearer, yielding sweet tasting, cream-colored peas.  Cajanus is a nutritious food, high in nitrogen, which will help enrich your soil for future plantings.  It is suited for early planting and will succeed under hot growing conditions, even in poor, dry soils. 

For more information, see club member, John Starnes’s article - A fence you can eat as it appeared in the St. Petersburg Times.

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